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# webimg
Image manipulation library for web written in Go.
Image manipulation library for web written in Go.
## Features
Currently webimg library supports following functionality:
* ***Watermarking*** – add PNG logo on top of JPEG file at desired bottom-right offset in pixels, set desired transparency of PNG logo.
## Use in your Go project
Download sources to your GOPATH:
go get -d -u code.gyt.is/webimg
Mind the arguments: `-d` flag instructs get to stop after downloading the packages; `-u` flag instructs get to use the network to update the named packages and their dependencies.
Include in your application:
import (
And then call function:
// Input image, watermark image, result image, bottom-right offset X, bottom-right offset Y, watermark alpha
doWatermark := webimg.Watermark("smplayer_preferences.jpg", "watermark_inretio-logo.png", "result_img.jpg", 30, 30, 70)
if doWatermark != nil {
fmt.Println("There was an error watermarking image...")
Currently the library is able to watermark JPEG image with PNG watermark (which should have transparent background). You can set offset in pixels from bottom-right corner (in example `30, 30`) and transparency of watermark image (in example `70`, scale is 0-255 where 0 is solid and 255 is transparent).
## Source
Sources are published on privately hosted instance of Gitea: [source.gyt.is/gytisrepecka/webimg/](https://source.gyt.is/gytisrepecka/webimg/). To get sources either use `go get` as described above or clone repository:
git clone https://source.gyt.is/gytisrepecka/webimg.git
## Contact
Follow ***webimg*** blog for news and changelog from fediverse: [@webimg@fedi.dev](https://fedi.dev/webimg/).
If you have any feedback or ideas, drop me an email at [gytis@repecka.com](mailto:gytis@repecka.com) or on Mastodon at [@gytis@mastodon.lt](https://mastodon.lt/@gytis).