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Gytis Repečka a57e6e7460
Add shortcode support. 2 years ago
Devin a8291082b5
Merge pull request #508 from alertmybanjos/patch-2 3 years ago
Devin d2f6b21b80
Merge pull request #507 from alertmybanjos/patch-1 3 years ago
Jason Tremblay f142df8c45
Update README.md 3 years ago
Jason Tremblay 611c80cce1
Update README.md 3 years ago
Devin 60940a9761
Merge pull request #456 from manzoorwanijk/patch-1 4 years ago
Manzoor Wani b02101400e
Typo correction 5 years ago
Devin bc3e07be2a
Merge pull request #453 from Ipstenu/Ipstenu-rtfm 5 years ago
Ipstenu (Mika Epstein) 95844fec48
Inline doc 5 years ago
Ipstenu (Mika Epstein) 696db21ed7
Clarifying directions 5 years ago
Devin 7af6de6dd2 Merge pull request #446 from jonathanbossenger/master 5 years ago
Jonathan Bossenger 04f90ff5ff Updating PLUGIN_VERSION to PLUGIN_NAME_VERSION to follow plugin standards for renaming 5 years ago
Devin 1f36abcedd Merge pull request #443 from Tmeister/master 5 years ago
Enrique Chavez 65a87940e9 Wraps the PLUGIN_VERSION constant in single quotes 5 years ago
Devin 1f3c2acbe2 Merge pull request #417 from davidshq/patch-1 5 years ago
Devin 77baf0b2f5 Merge pull request #429 from cliffordp/patch-2 5 years ago
Devin 19809447ec Merge pull request #353 from TalAter/patch-1 5 years ago
Devin 872c67477a Merge pull request #439 from jonathanbossenger/feature/version-constant 5 years ago
Jonathan Bossenger 5af56b19a5 Adding a version constant 5 years ago
Clifford ded444099b Typo: "he" to "The" 5 years ago
Dave Mackey c719bf9fc7 Small Spelling / Grammar Changes 5 years ago
Devin Vinson 923fbaf0c8 Merge branch 'remove-var-translation' 7 years ago
Devin Vinson 0c099e4208 Use plugin-name directly instead of passing a variable through 7 years ago
Tal Ater 579fb9823a Fixed mistake in comment. 7 years ago
Devin 39cb7ccfb3 Merge pull request #350 from hareesh-pillai/master 7 years ago
Devin 6f217e9efd Merge pull request #349 from pieroit/patch-1 7 years ago
Hareesh 0ea2ae758e Update URL for Documentation Standards 7 years ago
Piero Savastano fcd4669f35 Update plugin-name-admin.js 7 years ago
Devin 2508a4567b Merge pull request #340 from LeeRobertsMe/patch-1 7 years ago
Devin 1b487de0db Merge pull request #342 from LeeRobertsMe/patch-5 7 years ago
Devin 84741e2c1b Merge pull request #343 from LeeRobertsMe/patch-4 7 years ago
Devin 4e84183fd4 Merge pull request #339 from Shelob9/loader-docs-338 7 years ago
LeeRobertsMe 360c8ea6e4 Update plugin-name-admin.js 7 years ago
LeeRobertsMe a11edd3138 Update plugin-name-public.js 7 years ago
LeeRobertsMe 1fe19e455f Update class-plugin-name-public.php 7 years ago
Josh Pollock 897fa95e23 Add inline docs in the loader class #338 7 years ago
Devin 55f28eeb9f Merge pull request #324 from javy-/patch-1 7 years ago
javy- ff46923e03 Update CHANGELOG.md 7 years ago
Devin 5d51804dea Merge pull request #323 from davidshq/master 7 years ago
Dave Mackey 6f0aabf3be Update README.md 7 years ago
Devin Vinson 5391e0ca27 Remove .org parent folder structure 7 years ago
Devin 3d3f181924 Merge pull request #266 from jancbeck/admin-area-dashboard-wording 7 years ago
Devin Vinson a5e181192b Updated Readme 7 years ago
Jan Beck 9c14d6e3eb changed "dashboard" to "admin area" 7 years ago
Tom McFarlin b469237bda Merge pull request #260 from slushman/master 7 years ago
Chris Wilcoxson 2683f494ea Function docs should be @param not @var. 7 years ago
Tom McFarlin 474e64911c Merge pull request #254 from donnapep/chore/change-loader-class-names 7 years ago
Donna Murphy 582ccadde0 Fix incorrect class names 7 years ago
Tom McFarlin 470d0ec13c Merge pull request #250 from swalkinshaw/CHANGELOG-fix 7 years ago
Scott Walkinshaw 78624f6cdd Fix CHANGELOG filename 7 years ago