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2.6.2 (9 May 2014)

  • Moving $wpdb outside of the conditional so both cases work

2.6.1 (20 November 2013)

  • Updating the localization functions to that load_textdomain is called.
  • Removing plugin textdomain
  • Changing 'decomment' to 'uncomment'
  • changing all 'TODO' to '@TODO'
  • Removed the trailing slash (@jameswlane)
  • Revert "Extended and aligned comment header" (@franz-josef-kaiser)
  • Extended and aligned comment header (@franz-josef-kaiser)
  • Update class-plugin-name-admin.php (@rockaut)
  • Replaced deleted comment block (@akshayraje)
  • Updated plugin-name.php to get all name replacement changes at one place (@akshayraje)
  • Fix textdomain not loading (@neverything)
  • Fix $plugin_basename to allow plugin_action_links (@neverything)

2.6.0 (1 November 2013)

  • Adding includes, admin/includes, public/includes for housing libraries and dependecies (garyjones)
  • Merging changes from the previous, untagged version, into this version
  • Removing left over files from the plugin root
  • Moving all public-specific functionality into the public subdirectory
  • Moving all admin-specific functionality into the admin subdirectory
  • Loading the admin class only if the dashboard is being loaded
  • Added a TODO for Plugin_Name::Version (grappler)
  • Replacing plugin-name with plugin_slug and removed a TODO (grappler)
  • Added a 'TODO' to prmpt the user to change the plugin name (haleeben)
  • Updating the class-plugin-name.admin.php (will83)
  • Updating references to the languages directory
  • Update plugin-name.pos (grappler)
  • Including more information about the GitHub Upater
  • Updating the read me to include the new features of the boilerplate
  • Adding whitespace between the header and the markup of the views
  • Removing a lot of whitespace, updating function comments, and comment blocks within a function, and making sure no comments exceed 80 characters
  • Adding a 'TODO' so users can more easily find where all they need to supply the name of their plugin
  • Update README.txt (grappler)
  • Defining a section to provide links for recommended tools
  • Adding a 'GitHub Plugin URI' to the wordpress-plugin header
  • Updating the javascript to include more whitespace as per the WordPress JavaScript Coding Standards
  • Update inline documentation (grappler)
  • Add admin class (grappler)
  • Update $plugin_slug comment (barryceelen)
  • Place options page under 'Settings' in stead of 'Plugins' menu (barryceelen)
  • Replace plugin-name with $this->plugin_slug in add_action_links (barryceelen)
  • Removes 'Change 'plugin-name' to the name of your plugin' from DocBlock (barryceelen)
  • Mention uninstall.php in code comment (barryceelen)
  • Removes reference to register_uninstall_hook from code comment (barryceelen)
  • Initialize plugin on plugins_loaded hook (barryceelen)
  • Change default capability to 'manage_options' (nextgenthemes)
  • Make WP_LANG_DIR constant safer (GaryJones)
  • Replacing $this->version by the new class constant (GeertDD)
  • Update activate_new_site did_action to become Yoda condition (thuijssoon)
  • Fix typo and move add_filter under menu add_action (Grappler)
  • Storing plugin version in a class constant (GeertDD)
  • Removing useless closing php tags (GeertDD)
  • Fix loading textdomain when the plugin is symlinked (andrejcremoznik)
  • Fix typo (grappler)
  • Add action link to plugin page (grappler)
  • Replacing all instances of PluginName with PluginName as per the WordPress Coding Standards
  • Added multisite activation/deactivation functionality. (thuijssoon)
  • Adding index.php with silence is golden security method (danielantunes)
  • Added empty array for dependency to fix version number. (tokkonopapa)
  • Updating PluginName to Plugin_Name to follow the WordPress Coding Standards
  • Removing some whitespace in the first line of the README file
  • Removing an unnecessary apostrophe from the Boilerplate README.txt

2.5.1 (17 May 2013)

  • Updating a reference to the plugin slug

2.5.0 (16 May 2013)

  • Updating readme.txt to be up to standard with the current WordPress Plugin Repository demo
  • Updating page-level DocBlocks for consistency

2.4.0 (15 May 2013)

  • Renaming and updating references in the pot file to match the new file names
  • Renaming all display files to public (i.e., display.js to public.js)
  • Updating references in comments and in code to the plugin class files and plugin files
  • Updating the way the plugin terminates execution if accessed directly
  • Updating code comments, clearing extraneous whitespace
  • Renaming files to be more consistent with the example name of the plugin
  • Renaming 'plugin-boilerplate' to 'plugin-name' to be more consistent with the naming conventions of the class file
  • Adding a sample screenshot to match the example WordPress Plugin Repository readme.txt
  • Removing the plugin version constant in favor of a property in the plugin class
  • Adding proper page-level DocBlocks

2.3.0 (13 May 2013)

  • Moving the activation hooks outside of the class and marking the methods as static
  • Removing the @version tag from everything but the core plugin class
  • Removing deprecating @subpackage tags
  • Renaming the changelog filename to follow the canonical convention
  • Including an assets directory with sample images and instructions for how to use it
  • Finalized page-level documentation to the PHP files
  • Moving to the plugin boilerplate to its own class
  • Adding DocBlocks to the views
  • Generalizing the name, language, and email address in the .pot file
  • Updating the DocBlock in the uninstall file
  • Adding the 'Domain Path' to the header of the plugin file
  • Moving the changelog into its own file
  • Updating GPL licensing and adding a note about licensing with the GPL and the Apache license
  • Removing terminating code comments from the admin view
  • Removing the localization functions from plugin page parameters
  • Adding 'Text Domain' to the plugin header
  • Adding gettext and plural forms to the .pot file
  • Replacing all midline tabs and replacing them with tabs
  • Removing tabs and spaces from empty lines
  • Adding a security check to prevent the plugin file from being accessed directly
  • Improving spacing to better comply with coding conventions
  • Adding LICENSE.txt and removing it from the plugin's header

2.2.1 (10 May 2013)

  • Updating the .pot file as it was resulting in a minor error in one of the translation tools.

2.2.0 (10 May 2013)

  • Updating the README so the demo changelog is more accurate
  • Renaming the core plugin file to match the name of the plugin (specifically plugin-boilerplate.php from plugin.php)
  • Removing the default .po file and introducing the plugin-boilerplate.pot catalog
  • Removing all terminating code block comments
  • Adding braces around the uninstall.php conditional
  • Changing access modifiers from private to protected. See this discussion for more details.
  • Removing redundant headers since properties, constructors, and methods are clearly defined and segmented throughout the code.

2.1.0 (9 May 2013)

  • Refactoring the ternary operator in the constructor to make the code more readable for developers and to avoid returning an orphaned object
  • Updating certain function names to use verbs to be clearer in their purpose
  • Updating versioning in the plugin and in the README to use the x.y.z convention rather than the x.y convention
  • Adding class property DocBlocks
  • Adding @since tags to each of the DocBlocks for methods
  • Cleaning up the PHP code formatting for easier readability
  • Adding a note about POEdit and it being used as my preferred translations
  • Automatically displaying the name of the plugin admin page
  • Changing 'directives' to 'tags'
  • Updating page-level DocBlocks for plugin.php and for uninstall.php

2.0.1 (7 May 2013)

  • Updating the year of the release of 2.0

2.0.0 (7 May 2013)

  • Disabling the admin menu by default
  • Initializing the attributes
  • Combining the admin_open and admin_close into a single admin view
  • Bringing some of the code up to the WordPress coding standards
  • Added access modifiers for functions
  • Implemented the single pattern
  • japh. Merged upstream changes, maintained separation of uninstall functionality
  • mikkelbreum. Restricted scripts and styles to load only on plugin settings page if it is enabled.
  • mikkelbreum. Added the option for a plugin settings page
  • mikkelbreum. Removed the need to customize the URL for wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_scripts
  • mikkelbreum. Corrected action book for register_admin_styles
  • tbwiii. Listed jQuery as a dependency for both JavaScript sources
  • japh. Added an uninstall.php placeholder
  • leewillis77. Improved the way language files are loaded
  • wesbos. Updated the year to 2013

1.0 (29 November 2012)

  • Official Release

Author Information

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate was originally started and is maintained by Tom McFarlin, but is constantly under development thanks to the contributions from the many WordPress developers throughout the world.